HiveIO partners with Aurora Cloud Technologies

HiveIO Launches Industry’s First Fully Integrated Hybrid Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
Aurora Cloud Technologies is proud to annouce a joint partnership with HiveIO, Aurora Cloud Technologies will provide the cloud infrastructure aspect of the solution, and HiveIO’s new capabilities enables IT teams to effortlessly deploy VDI infrastructure with integrated remote access to thousands of desktop users within hours.


There’s a lot of talk about the cloud today. Benefits like virtualization, scalability, elasticity and low capex are tempting businesses into making the move into a cloud hosting solution, along with improvements in cloud technology and security. Companies that once limited their cloud activities to dev/testing are embracing the cloud for an increasing number of mission-critical applications. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water or ready for a full-blown cloud hosting environment, Aurora Cloud Technologies offers a variety of Cloud Hosting and IT Consulting options to suit your business needs.

Building Blocks for Innovation.

Connecting your organization with customized Enterprise IT solutions without long term obligation.
Compliance with physical, biometric, and electronic data security
Eliminate costly capital expenditures on servers, software licenses and maintenance
24/7 monitoring and support by expert technicians
Redundant systems, power, connectivity, and cooling
Over a decade of critical systems management experience
Extensive knowledge and experience reduces costs and implementation time
You own and control all of your data

Secure Cloud storage for
all of your offsite backup needs.

Our Services

Virtual Workspace

Centralized control over application and user permissions. Moving your office to desktop hosting with the cloud eliminates IT headaches and guarantees up-time while significantly reducing your IT budget.

Private Cloud

Our Private allows you to build a customized private cloud so you can take advantage of cloud infrastructure while keeping your data in a physically secure and isolated clustered environment. Ideal for applications that require advanced security or compliance such as e-commerce, databases, or back-office applications.

Cloud App Hosting

Ideal for businesses looking to migrate resource-intensive applications such as CRMs, high-traffic websites, or collaboration software to the cloud. All of our solutions come with support at no additional cost.

Hybrid Cloud

Our solution allows you to integrate multiple platforms – public cloud, private cloud, managed server, and on premise servers – to combine the strengths of both physical and virtual environments for improved flexibility, scalability and security.

IT Consulting

With Aurora Cloud Technologies, you immediately have access to an expert team. We take away the need to employ and train expensive resources and deal with turnover of IT staff. We work closely with you to problem solve by identifying the issues for you.

Cloud Backup

Leverage our robust secure cloud to backup your data. Or we can manage, maintain and store your backups in our cloud.

Lower your Capital Expenses on IT spending

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